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Colored Kalrez FFKM FPM AS568 Rubber O Ring Seals

China Chengdu Eson New Material Co., Ltd. certification
China Chengdu Eson New Material Co., Ltd. certification
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Colored Kalrez FFKM FPM AS568 Rubber O Ring Seals

Colored Kalrez FFKM FPM AS568 Rubber O Ring Seals
Colored Kalrez FFKM FPM AS568 Rubber O Ring Seals Colored Kalrez FFKM FPM AS568 Rubber O Ring Seals Colored Kalrez FFKM FPM AS568 Rubber O Ring Seals

Large Image :  Colored Kalrez FFKM FPM AS568 Rubber O Ring Seals

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: ESON
Certification: SGS ISO 9001
Model Number: USA Standard, Japanese standard, Chinese standard
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: Based on size
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Aluminum bag+ carton
Delivery Time: 3-7 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1T per month
Detailed Product Description
Name: FFKM Rubber O Ring Material: Perfluorinated Rubber, Fluoroether Rubber, FFKM
Material Brand: 3M,Solvay, Dakin Etc Grade: High Temperature Grade, Chemical Resistance Grade
Color: Black, Green Etc Size: Different Country Standard
End Product: O Ring, Oil Seal, And Others Packing: Aluminum Bag+ Carton
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AS568 Rubber O Ring Seals


FPM Rubber O Ring Seals


FFKM Rubber Sealing Molding Part

O-Ring Seals Colored Kalrez FFKM FPM AS568 Used In Hot Gasses Rubber Molding Perfluoropolyethers



Heat resistance and oxidation stability

Although perfluorinated polyether oil is non-combustible, it begins to decompose slowly

when it is exposed to the air and used at more than 400℃.In the oxidation stability test,

the decomposition produces extremely high heating temperature, which does not have the properties of ether at all.

Chemical stability

Perfluorinated polyether oil is stable to highly corrosive acids, bases, oxidants, etc.,

even at high temperatures.It is a characteristic of perfluorinated polyethers that they

tend to be slightly unstable to organic bases and Lewis acids, and it is also a weakness

of ether keys.But at room temperature, only the use of sodium metal and liquid ammonia

to promote the decomposition, in addition to all other chemicals are relatively stable.

Viscosity properties

The viscosity index of the perfluoropolyether oil is 150----400(the higher the molecular

weight of the oil, the higher the viscosity index), compared with the mineral oil has greater


Vapor pressure - temperature characteristics

The perfluorinated polyether oil has high molecular weight and low flow point, and the lubricating

oil shows very low vapor pressure from low temperature to high temperature.

The lubrication characteristics 

It is reported that perfluorinated polyether oil presents low coefficient of friction with high load resistance

and good lubricity.The test results on the Fal Ex test machine show that S-20 sintered at 1200 lbs.

which is slightly better than that of common mineral oil.Polymer type lubricants above S-65 did not sintering

at 3000 lbs. pressure.According to the lubrication theory, this may be due to the polarity of perfluorinated polyether,

which can be adsorbed on the metal surface.

Viscosity-pressure relationship

From the point of view of tribology, the viscosity - pressure relationship of lubricant is very important.The continuous

operation of the high speed uranium bearing depends on the elastohydrodynamic lubrication (EHD) film formed on it.

The two physical factors that affect the formation of the EHD film are absolute viscosity and viscopressure coefficient.

The absolute viscosity is affected by the molecular weight and structure, while for high molecular weight PFPE fluid,

the viscopressure coefficient is only related to the molecular structure of PFY2.

Thermal-oxidation stability

In the absence of an effective catalyst, even in the presence of oxygen, PFPE is stable in the range of 270 -- 300℃,

but the presence of some catalysts or inhibitors will change the thermal stability limit and degradation rate of PFPE.

Application of perfluorinated polyether lubricating oil

PEPF lubricants can meet the application requirements of high temperature and high load in the mechanical industry

and automobile industry. The high stability and good wear resistance make PEPF oil and grease can be used as

lubricants under long service cycle and harsh operating conditions.Therefore, despite the high price of PFPE, it is also

widely used as a lubricant in engineering and industry, mainly involving the following fields.

(1) Chemical industry: PFPE is used as a working fluid in a variety of vacuum pumps (rotary pumps, turbomolecular

pumps and steam diffusion pumps);In the presence of corrosive gases (such as liquid oxygen and gas oxygen, halogens,

thioanhydride, etc.) in the operating environment, PFPE is used as the lubricating oil for compressors and valves.

(2) Electronics industry: the use of plasma etching, LPCVD and plasma culture technology to produce semiconductors

to use some vacuum mechanical pumps, and PFPE as a vacuum mechanical pump lubricating oil to achieve a wide range

of satisfactory results 

(3) mechanical industry: PFPE often as bearing, high temperature and chemical stability of the porous metal conveyor belt,

paper and textile machinery of lubricating oil, when used as a plastic bearing lubricating oil, its wear resistance is greatly increased,

while some mechanical and electrical equipment (such as current contactor, switch button and sliding electrical contact, etc.)

need to be good in lubrication and arc resistance is often used when PFPE grease.

(4) Nuclear industry: in the enrichment workshop of UF6, when the temperature is higher than 130℃, the lubricant is

required to resist the chemical shock of UF6, and it is also required to be absolutely dry, dust-free and low steam pressure.

PEPE is rarely allowed as super centrifugal bearing lubricating oil in such working conditions.

(5) aerospace industry: because PFPE has a wide range of liquid temperature, low evaporation, high static viscosity,

very low steam pressure, low flow temperature and good high pressure lubrication, it has been widely used in the aerospace industry.

(6) magnetic medium industry: low friction coefficient, low volatility and good insulation makes PFPE can be used

as the lubrication of hard disk, tape and other magnetic recording media on computers, video recording devices,

automatic recording devices and other instruments


Material Data sheet:

FFKM Grade FF-H2701
Material Type Black FFKM Full Compound, Hardness70-75 Shore A
Material Feature Suitable for wet chemical, liquid contact, cleaning and chemical treatment.
Execellent compression set
Low metal ion content, low extractable content, suitable for all kinds of chemicals, such as low molecular solvents, ketones, lipids, ethers, aldehydes, strong acids, strong bases, strong oxidants and more than 6000 other chemicals.
Typical application O ring, gasket and other sealing parts
Typical Properties
Name Unit Test Standard Result
Hardness Shore A ASTM D2240 72
Tesnsile strength Mpa ASTM D412 16.3
Elongation at break % ASTM D412 140
Compression set, aged 70h@200℃-25%Deformation, 6mm buttons % ASTM D395 19
Compression set, aged 70h@232℃-25%Deformation, 6mm buttons % ASTM D395 45


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